Unicorn/ Mermaid Toast

Unicorn/Mermaid Toast is the newest breakfast trend to spread online.

Unicorn/Mermaid Toast involves dyed cream cheese, sprinkles, gold leaf flakes and sliced bread and its being spread all over the internet.

Unicorn toast and its recently evolved counterpart mermaid toast have taken social media by storm in a viral food craze that has inspired countless imitations.

Miami-based food stylist and photographer Adeline Waugh has been experimenting for at least a year, and now a new fad was born.

To create the popular design, the food stylist used natural ingredients to dye the cream cheese, such as hot beet juice for pink, turmeric for yellow, chlorophyll for green, and spirulina powder for light blue, freeze-dried blueberry powder for purple and a beet juice and freeze dried strawberry or raspberry powder for light pink.

The creation of “mermaid toast” really took after she was interviewed in US media outlets such as MTV and the Dr. Oz show.

Unicorn toast is bread slathered with colorful spreads that results in a truly beautiful breakfast trend that is worth photographing.

The trend sees slices of bread topped with cream cheese and almond milk with additions such as pears, figs and spiralised carrots can be added.

The photographs of the healthy rainbow-bright pieces of unicorn toast have swept Instagram.

In recent weeks, Ms Waugh has taken her art one step further by adding flower petals, seeds, whole pears, spiralised carrots and sliced figs to the photogenic pieces of bread.

Forget boring old toast and peanut butter; this bread trend means breakfast need never look plain and beige again.

This food trend is a great idea if you have a child who refuses to eat and needs to be persuaded to have breakfast.

Despite the fact that it is still a hot topic on the web, it seems as though the excitement has worn off and instead people have become fed up with the idea of spreading dyed cream cheese and sprinkle on their toast, with many arguing that it is a step too far or just simply too much effort.


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