More Common Mistakes You May Be Making

When it comes to losing weight or simply eating healthier, there are several common diet mistakes that many people fall into. These mistakes can make it impossible to reach your weight loss or healthy eating goals.

In my recent post “Are You Making These Common Mistakes?” I shared with you some of these common mistakes.

Here are three more common diet mistakes that may be sabotaging your weight loss or healthy eating goals.

Over-Eating Healthy Foods. Piling your plate with low calorie vegetables such as leafy greens, tomato, cucumber, celery, radishes, sweet peppers and green beans is a great way to fill up, while cutting calories. But there are many healthy foods that are quite high in calories and should be consumed in small portions. Some of these include nuts and nut butters, avocados, hummus and olive oil. For example, a small handful of nuts (about the size of a golf ball) contains about 200-300 calories. This makes for a very healthy energizing snack. But if you spend the afternoon mindlessly snacking from the nut jar, you’ll likely load up on a lot more calories than you intended.

Post Exercise Treats. Don’t fall into the habit of treating yourself after a workout. Exercising regularly goes along with healthy eating to create a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t give you a reason to eat whatever, or as much as, you want after you exercise. For example, a 30-minute walk at a moderate pace burns about 100 – 120 calories. If you treat yourself with a 300 calorie ice cream after your walk, you’re adding a lot more calories than you burned.

Overestimating Your Workout. On a similar note, don’t overestimate your workout. Post-workout recovery shakes and smoothies have become very popular, but do you really need it? These shakes and smoothies are packed full of calories, and often sugar.Unless you’ve had a rather vigourous workout, there’s no need for this type of refuelling. As above, you’ll just end up taking in a lot more than you burned. And if you do need a little refuelling, a simple snack of a little carbohydrate and protein, along with your water, will do.

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