Ronald McDonald House Canada: RMHC

Ronald McDonald House provide families of sick children with a home to stay at while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital. As well, Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide a comfortable place for families to rest and recharge, right inside hospitals. Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles help to bring basic medical care to vulnerable communities.

There are 15 Ronald McDonald Houses, 16 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms and 2 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles across Canada.

70% of Canadians live outside a city with a children’s hospital. Which means that they have to travel for medical care if their child is seriously sick or injured.

History of Ronald McDonald House Canada:

1974 – The first Ronald McDonald House opens in Philadelphia inspired by Kim Hill

1977 – McDonalds Canada founded Mc Happy Day to raise funds for RMHC and other local children charities

1981 – The first Ronald McDonald House opens in Toronto

1982 – RMHC Canada is established as a foundation of everlasting support to Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada

2004 – McDonalds Canada established 10 cent Happy Meal Program, which remains a cornerstone of funding for RMHC

2007 – The first Ronald McDonald Family Room in Canada was built

2012 – The first Ronald McDonald Care Mobile arrived in Canada

2014 – Ten Ronald McDonald Houses had undergone complete renovations and two new Ronald McDonald houses had been built

2016 – The first Ronald McDonald House inside a hospital in Windsor, Ontario

Since the first Canadian house opened in 1981, McDonalds Canada and its founder George Cohon, have carried a committed and caring vision of RMHC’s role in helping sick children and their families. From monetary contributions and volunteering, to board participation and media donations, McDonalds helps RMHC impact countless lives by giving children support, stability and the best medicine of all: their family.

RMHC has helped more than 292,253 sick children and their families.

Thank you to McDonalds for their funding and forever support.

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