Artful, Tasteful Pureed Foods

“Awaken your taste buds”. This mantra is used by the culinary geniuses at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions on a daily basis.

Pureed food is one such example of a seemingly unpalatable food that Brookdale chefs construct into tasty, culinary masterpieces for their senior communities.

Appearance and texture have a large influence on your appetite, which is why it’s so essential to get pureed right.

Seniors who have difficulty chewing or swallowing sometimes require a pureed diet.

This is why finding tasty pureed meals are so crucial for a senior’s health and emotional well-being.

But achieving this feat is not an easy one. Pureed food diets require additional seasoning and presentation. This is where Brookdale Senior Living chefs shine.

Regular texture foods that can be pureed artistically by Brookdale chefs:

  • Pureed salad, pureed spaghetti, pureed beef stew, pureed carrots, pureed sandwich, pureed peaches, pureed French toast, pureed fish, pureed chocolate cake, pureed carrot cake and much more

Brookdale chefs puree meals using only fresh ingredients. A lot of other communities will provide pre-made and frozen versions, but they provide freshly prepared pureed meals at the time of service.

Some cooks use water when blending, but they use homemade chicken stock and mold it. They use molds to make the food beautiful and to construct the meal to look as close to the original meal.

They use flavored broths and spices to enhance taste and minimize extra textures and gelatins to keep flavors intact.

Pureed food requires tools and mold, which is why it is one of the more challenging dietary meal options.

A pureed diet means that all food has been ground or processed into a smooth paste with a consistency that resemble a thick pudding.

When you think of pureed food, visions of art and a taste of puree bliss don’t often come to mind.

However, the gourmet chefs at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions are reinventing the senior living dining experience.

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