How to Eat Healthy on a Road Trip

With summer just around the corner, you may be planning a few road trips. But it can be tricky to stick to healthy eating while on the road.

But with just a little planning, you can enjoy your road trip while keeping your healthy eating habits in check.

A little planning really does go a long way. By making a plan to bring along your own healthy go-to options, you’ll always be ready to put together a healthy meal or snack when hunger strikes, rather than having to rely on whatever is available at the nearest gas station or fast food joint.

The following is a list of healthy foods to consider bringing along on your next road trip.

Pack a cooler with healthy go-to options such as:

  • Fresh Fruits and Fruit Cups
  • Cut up Raw Vegetables
  • Cheese Strings, Hard Cheeses and Cottage Cheese
  • Single Serving Yogurts and Puddings
  • Hummus and Salsa
  • Sliced Meats for Sandwiches
  • Condiments such as mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard

Bring along non-perishable food items such as:

  • Sliced Breads and Crackers
  • Nuts and Nut Butters
  • Dried Fruit
  • Trail Mix
  • Fruit and Nut Bars and Protein Bars

And don’t forget hydration. Bring along plenty of bottled water to prevent dehydration – which can make you feel sluggish, and can be mistaken for hunger.

If you’re going on an extended road trip, plan ahead by going online to check out restaurants, grocery stores and rest stops along your route. This way you’ll know what your options are when mealtime comes around.

Planning ahead by bringing along your own food and checking out options along your route will also help avoid unnecessary stops for a quick snack, as well as time wasted in search of a decent place to eat that everyone can agree on.

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