Avani “Eco Bags”

This grocery bag won’t hurt animals, it actually feeds them.

People around the world use and discard more than a trillion plastic bags each year. A significant percentage of these bags end up littered across ecosystems, especially oceans, where they converge in enormous gyres that disrupt and harm marine life. Many countries have recognized that the environmental costs of plastic bags are simply too much to pay for the convenience and have imposed bans or fees on their use.

Now, thanks to a company in the Philippine’s called Avani, an environmentally friendly solution could be coming to a store near you.

The team at Avani realized that most biodegradable bags on the market were misleading, they broke down into small pieces that were harmful to animals and contaminating to the water.

Scientists at Avani worked to construct a truly sustainable and safe alternative. They landed upon the cassava root, which is native to the country. In a mixture with vegetable oil, Avani was able to develop bags that were legitimately biodegradable, they rapidly dissolved in warm water and also safe for animals to eat.

So if a bag made it into the water, a fish or turtle could munch on it and be nourished.

The bags are called “Eco Bags” and, ultimately, Avani wants to create a range of products to compete with and supplant plastic, takeout containers, disposable cups and plates.

Avani isn’t the only company trying to create a world without plastic. For example, a company called Ecovative uses mushroom spores to create sturdy, yet biodegradable, packaging for shipping and storage. Ultimately, the company wants to eliminate plastic and even paper from the global supply chain.

Avani Eco Bags are the perfect solution to the single use plastic bag problem. They look, feel and perform like plastic but are made from cassava root and all natural resins, making them 100% compostable unlike other biodegradable alternatives.

These bags are food safe and harmless to animal consumption, they biodegrade within 90 days adding biomass to the compost. Eco Bags can be recycled with paper and have various applications; bio-based shopping bags, poly-bags, garbage bags, and general packaging.

These Eco Bags might be what takes down plastic.


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