Tertill is the solar powered weeding robot for home gardens.  It is a solar powered and weatherproof robot that weeds your garden every day.

With Tertill, gardeners can now enjoy weed-free vegetable and flower gardens, without the monetary and frustration of weeding.

Organic gardeners can breathe easy and enjoy a weed-free, chemical-free garden all season long.

Created by roboticist Joe Jones, the inventor of the Roomba, Franklin Robotics Tertill is designed to live in your garden and take care of the weeding, come rain or shine.

Tertill lives in your garden and prevents weeds from being established, using unique design elements and a variety of sensors, Tertill patrols the garden daily, avoiding plants and obstacles while looking for weeds to eliminate.

Tertill has a very simple method; weeds are short, plants are tall. A plant tall enough to touch the front of Tertills shell activates a sensor that makes the robot turn away. A plant short enough to pass under Tertill’s shell, though, activates a different sensor that turns on the weed cutter.

Because Tertill’s approach is height-based, put one of the provided plant collars around short plants until they are tall enough for Tertill to recognize when Tertill approaches the collar, it will recognize it and turn away.

Tertill whacks weeds using a spinning string trimmer, which cuts the weeds off near the ground. Because Tertill lives in your garden and goes looking for weeds every day, weeds are always small when the robot finds them.

Tertill uses four-wheel drive, this helps Tertill move through soft soil, sand and mulch and also helps Tertill climb slopes.

Advantages of a weeding robot:

  • No herbicides, chemical free
  • Diligence
  • Productivity
  • Gardening limitations
  • Robotic Awesomeness
  • Solar powered
  • Water proof
  • Bluetooth Tertill uses Bluetooth to talk to your smartphone

Franklin Robotics the creator of Tertill has come to Kickstarter so that they can place a large enough order to produce the robots cost effectively. So far, 1.267 backers have pledged $312,810 through Kickstarter to help bring this project to life.

I love my Roomba, and I think that Tertill is a genius invention that many will purchase to weed our gardens.

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