Ruby Chocolate

A Swiss chocolatier has unveiled what it’s calling “Ruby” chocolate; a naturally pink-colored product that looks and tastes distinct from dark, milk or white chocolate brands.

It is the first new type of chocolate to be introduced since white chocolate was discovered 80 years ago.

Ruby chocolate has an intense taste and characteristic reddish color. The chocolate is not bitter, milky or sweet, but a blend of berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

The new form of chocolate took years to develop, and is made entirely from cocoa beans, with no berries or artificial colors added.

Ruby chocolate will satisfy a desire for “hedonistic indulgence”, among millennials.

Barry Callebaut, producer of this rose-hued treat, claims it is first natural color for the foodstuff since Nestle unveiled white chocolate.

Pink chocolate has been developed by Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest cocoa processor.

Ruby chocolate, as it is being called, has been in development for 13 years since the company said it first discovered a new type of cocoa bean during experiments and refinements in their labs.

The “ruby” cocoa beans are grown in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. The beans are entirely natural and not genetically modified.

As the product has only just been revealed, the Zurich-based company is still working on making the chocolate available to consumers around the world. It is hoped to be available on shelves in between 6 to 18 months’ time.

Early market research has shown particularly high interest in China, but the company said there also was huge enthusiasm from customers all around the world.

This millennial pink chocolate is not artificially dyed with any pink coloring, which is what makes it so special; its actually made from a ruby cocoa beans, giving it an intense taste and rich color.

Valentines Day 2018is going to be all about the pink chocolate.

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