Retro Hallowe’en Candy

The big annual candy craze known as Hallowe’en is fast approaching. Popular candy Kit Kats, Snickers, Junior Mints, Skittles, Reese’s are for sale as a brightly colored display inside your neighborhood grocery store right this very moment.

Reminisce over the retro Hallowe’en candy that defined your youth.

Here are 9 childhood Hallowe’en candy favorites you probably forgot about:

  1. Push Pops: Distributed in 1986, these lollipops disguised as something way more fun was all the rage. If you have five, you could stick one on each finger and pretend you had claws. If you had only one, you could pick it into a surprisingly sharp point.
  2. Candy Buttons: These lemon/lime/orange flavored little buttons stuck to wax paper. Maximum effort to peel them off the little white paper had minimum reward in terms of flavor or enjoy ability.
  3. Hubba Bubba Gum: Hubba Brand had a signature six-foot roll of bubble tape gum.
  4. Dum Dums: Dum Dums come in delicious flavors (blue raspberry), nasty flavors (butterscotch) and many others.
  5. Sweet Tarts: You were never super excited finding Sweet Tarts in your trick or treat haul, but you weren’t particularly upset either.
  6. War Heads: These were the sourest candies on the face of the planet earth.
  7. Candy Necklaces: Fun to wear, fun to nibble on, but gross when you got to the end and were left with just a wet drool-covered of twine. The coolest kids all rocked edible jewelry at one point or another.
  8. Butterfinger BBs: Marketed heavily by the Simpsons at the height of the comic’s fame, these tiny bite-sized Butterfingers were yum by the handful. Unfortunately they ceased production in 2006.
  9. Blow Pops: Forget Tootsie Pops, getting to the center of one of these industrial-sized lollipops was a real workout.

There are dozens of retro Hallowe’en candy worth summoning from our collective cultural memory for old times’ sake, and the ones that resonate with you will depend on your age and where you are from.

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