My Go-to Meals… That Are Quick, Simple and Healthy!

I don’t generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen – but I also don’t eat out, order in, eat fast food or use convenience and prepared foods.

So what do I eat? Here are some of my quick, simple and healthy go-to meals.

Breakfast: I usually have a protein smoothie made with a vanilla flavoured vegan protein powder mixed in water or almond milk, fruit (apple, berries or frozen fruit), a source of fibre (ground flaxseed or chai seed) and some healthy fat (about ¼ avocado or a tbsp. of olive oil). I also add cinnamon, ginger and turmeric for flavour… And their health benefits.

Lunch: I often have a leafy salad with a variety of raw veggies, sprinkle of dried fruit, nuts and/or seeds, and a protein source such as boiled egg or canned fish.

I sometimes have tuna salad, a slice of toast or a few crackers, and some raw vegetables (usually tomato and cucumber).

Or I may have tortilla chips with hummus and raw vegetables, and a piece of fruit.

Dinner: I eat a lot of fish. I usually coat it with a mix of cornstarch, pepper, salt and paprika, and pan-fry. If it’s not fish, it’s likely chicken – which I roast in the oven. With the fish or chicken, I typically have roasted, boiled or raw vegetables.

I often make a stir-fry using a variety of raw or frozen vegetables, and chicken or shrimp for the protein. I sometimes eat the stir-fry on its own, or with rice or quinoa.

I sometimes make a pot of chili. I usually have a few tortilla chips or a piece of homemade cornbread on the side.

When I do cook, I always cook enough for 2-3 meals, or more. This way, I don’t have to cook for the next day or two, or I freeze some of the leftovers. So whenever I don’t feel like cooking, there’s always something available and ready to go.


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