Canada’s New Food Guide – Enjoy Your Food

A big part of eating healthy is actually enjoying your food. 

The benefits of enjoying your food include:

  • tasting the flavours
  • being open to trying new foods
  • developing a healthy attitude about food

Making healthy food choices can increase your enjoyment of the food you eat.

Enjoying your food includes:

  • socializing at mealtime
  • enjoying shopping for food
  • preparing and cooking food
  • growing or harvesting your own food
  • getting to know the people that grow or produce your food
  • involving others in meal planning, preparation and clean up

How to enjoy your food

There are many ways to enjoy your food and make healthy choices.

Enjoy your food by making choices that compliment:

  • taste
  • enjoying your food should be about choosing a variety of healthy foods and flavours that you like
  • culture
  • culture and food traditions can be a great way to add to the enjoyment of your food
  • budget
  • there are many ways to enjoy your food while eating on a budget
  • lifestyle

There is no one right way to enjoy your food. You can enjoy your food no matter what your lifestyle.  Just chose healthier options. 

Try new foods

Try a variety of healthier foods to help you find new flavours to enjoy.

Create a positive eating environment

Part of enjoying your food can include enjoying the atmosphere around it. The setting around you can contribute to making meal times more substantial.

Creating a positive eating environment can include:

  • eating with others
  • making your eating area attractive
  • turning on some of your favorite music in the background

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