The role of Dietitians continues to evolve and expand. For Dietitians with an interest in technology, there is no shortage of opportunities in technology – in both traditional and non-traditional Dietitian roles.

The use of technology is growing in the Dietitian role of nutrition counselling. More and more Dietitians are using email, private chat rooms, video calls and/or telephone services to provide remote nutrition counselling services. There are also a number of nutrition software applications available that allow Dietitians to manage their business, as well as communicate with clients within the application. This allows Dietitians to reach more clients, save time, increase their flexibility, and streamline their work, as everything can be done electronically.

At a corporate or Food service level, hospitals, long-term care homes and other healthcare and educational organizations are using nutrition software applications to develop and manage their menus, as well as manage their food service operations. This provides great opportunities for Dietitians to be involved in technology – on both the development and user end of nutrition software applications.

Dietitians can use their expertise on food and nutrition in the development of nutrition software applications, to ensure nutritional accuracy, and that the applications meet the needs of the customers.

On the user end, there are plenty of opportunities for Dietitians to use their expertise to create and manage menus that meet the nutritional needs of the customers. This is what we do here at mijava – we use nutrition software to provide corporate clients with menus that exceed required standards, menu support and consultative services.

Using nutrition software (Mitrition), we can easily develop and revise menus using our database of over 3000 recipes; retrieve nutritional information for items, recipes and menus; manage item, recipe and menu costs; and generate order forms and production sheets to help reduce waste – with just a few clicks of the mouse.

When it comes to menu development and management of food service operations, it is very important for organizations to embrace nutrition software technology – it is key for greater accuracy, cost management, and saving an enormous amount of time.

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