Part 3: Why you need a menu management system

Relevant Legislation and Regulations Governing Delivery of Food and Nutrition Services in Long-Term-Care Homes

Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 and Ontario Regulation 79/10

  • designed to provide residents with safe, consistent, high-quality, resident-centred care in accordance with their plans of care
  • regulates admissions, operations, funding, licensing, compliance and enforcement through inspections at long-term-care homes
  • governs residents’ rights, care, and service, specifically, every resident has the right to be properly fed through an organized program for dietary services, nutrition care, and hydration services controlled by a menu management system
  • outlines requirements such as menu planning, food production, dining and snack services, and proper qualifications of staff involved with food management. Menu planning, food production and snack services can all be managed by a menu system like mitriton
  • requires menus to be approved by the long-term-care home’s registered dietitian;
  • to provide for adequate nutrients, fibre and energy for residents based on the current Dietary Reference Intakes; and
  • to provide for a variety of foods, including fresh seasonal foods, each day, in keeping with Canada’s Food Guide
  • All of these tasks can be taken care of through a menu management system with these functions right at your finger tips
  • requires registered dietitians spend at least 30 minutes per resident per month to carry out clinical and nutrition care for residents
  • requires long-term-care homes to have a full breakfast available before 8:30 a.m. and serve dinner after 5:00 p.m.

Health Protection and Promotion Act and Ontario Regulation 493/17

  • aimed at preventing the spread of diseases and promoting and protecting the health of the people in Ontario
  • sets out the requirements for the operation of food premises, such as long-term-care homes, in Ontario to assist in the prevention and reduction of foodborne illnesses, and the enforcement of the regulation through public health inspections
  • sets out the requirements for operation and maintenance of the food premises, cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, and food handling

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