Part 4: Why you need a menu management system

How are homes funded by the Ministry? 

Nursing and Personal Care

  • Includes wages, benefits, and training for direct-care staff, as well as any equipment or supplies used by direct-care staff to provide nursing and personal care to the residents.
  • Staff in this category include registered nurses, registered practical nurses, and personal support workers who, beyond clinical duties, provide eating assistance to residents.


Program and Support Services

  • Includes staff, equipment, and supplies used to provide services and programs to residents.
  • Staff in this category include Registered Dietitians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, recreational staff and others that provide support services to the residents.


Raw Food

  • Strictly for the purchase of raw food materials, including food supplements ordered by a physician, a nurse, or a Registered Dietitian.
  • Includes the resident portion of food for special events (like Christmas dinners), but does not include any non-resident guests like family.


Other Accommodations

  • Includes other eligible expenditures defined in the Ministry’s policy that are not included in the above categories, such as dietary services (i.e., food service workers, cooks), housekeeping services, property operations and maintenance, and general and administration services.


Do you know what your raw food cost is sitting at especially if you have made changes to your menu?  Is it an estimate or is it accurate to todays pricing?  We can help with getting your food costs in control and maybe even save you some money!

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