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Meet our Registered Dietitian

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Hi my name is Tammy Lomond.

I have been a Registered Dietitian since 2004. I studied nutrition at Brescia University College, University of Western Ontario, and completed a dietetic internship at the Ottawa Hospital Dietetic Internship Program. Although I always had an interest in nutrition, it wasn’t my first career. I originally studied biology, graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Master of Science degree and worked in agricultural research for several years before returning to school to study nutrition.

As a Dietitian, I have worked in a variety of workplace settings including hospitals, long-term care, Community Health Center, home care, private practice and as corporate RD for a healthcare food service management organization.

Working with the mijava team, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the two areas of nutrition that I enjoy the most – Online Nutrition Coaching and Corporate Menu Planning and Development.

As a Nutrition Coach, I am passionate about helping clients improve their health, energy levels and overall well-being through simple, balanced healthy eating. Healthy eating is not about strict diets or temporary fixes – it is a lifestyle to be developed and maintained for long-term results.

Why Consult a Registered Dietitian?

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are uniquely trained food and nutrition experts. They are the recognized experts in translating scientific, medical and nutrition information into practical healthy eating plans for you and your family (College of Dietitians of Ontario 2015).

Registered Dietitians provide reliable nutrition information based on current evidence-based science and research.

90% of Canadians agree that Dietitians are the leading authority on food and nutrition – ahead of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and naturopaths (Dietitians of Canada 2015; Ipsos Reid 2012).

Many private insurance companies and extended health care plans provide coverage for nutrition counseling or dietitian services. Contact your service provider to find out if you have coverage.

What makes a Registered Dietitian unique?

Registered Dietitians have completed a four year university degree specializing in food and nutrition and have completed supervised practical training through a university program or an approved internship program.

Registered Dietitians are licensed professionals and must be registered with Provincial Regulatory Bodies.

The title “Registered Dietitian” is protected by law. In most provinces there are no regulatory standards to protect the title “Nutritionist”, therefore people with different levels of training and knowledge can call themselves a “Nutritionist” (Dietitians of Canada 2015).

Visit Dietitians of Canada or the College of Dietitians of Ontario to learn more.