mitrition | Education Services

Education Services helps you realize the full potential in using the mitrition’s Menu Management system.  mijava provides Education Services offering which encompasses such services

  • SaaS / Remote Off-site – Zoom Training
  • SaaS / Web New Client Setup
    • New Tenant Site
    • Full Stack Menu Development
    • Menus, Schema
    • Multi yield recipes
    • Region Based Menus
    • Full Therapeutics
    • Reporting
    • Production
    • Inventory Management
  • SaaS / Web evaluation for database set up
  • 8 Hours of Training – $1,000.00 Value Included: At mijava we offer a bankable hour system which allows you to cater the training for you and the team to understand the system your Pace!


  • ½ Day of Resident Services (2 Days Per Year) – $1,000.00 Value Included – Our team is dedicated to offer a helping hand each month to accelerate your enablement and build with  you!

Internet based training and product demonstrations on our suite of software solutions
such as: