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5 Senses of Fun

5 Senses of Fun was created by the knowledge acquired by the in-house autism expert Kaitlyn, who has had autism since birth. This sensory fun business is for everyone. All of the products they represent are approved by Kaitlyn. The long term goal is to create a meaningful employment for her in a field she has a passion for. This is her business, they are working together as a family to make this happen for her.

Kaitlyn’s mom Ingrid is a good friend of mine, who I admire and support her starting this small business called 5 Senses of Fun.

As a mom of a child with autism myself, we share similar philosophies supporting our children to be successful with a meaningful employment.

Kaitlyn’s mom Ingrid and I both find most of the information now on autism is from people with autism. If it’s a parental question, from a parent of a child with autism, or if it’s a sibling question we would ask a sibling of a sibling of a person with autism. We appreciate the medical side of information, but only to a limited degree. Since autism isn’t something to be “cured” there isn’t a lot of medical help that can be provided.

5 Senses of Fun is Kaitlyn’s store. She loves everything sensory and wants to share it with everyone. She may be only 11 years old, but she knows her products.

5 Senses:

Touch: Tactioception; products include stress balls, Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty, strange attractor, finger ring fidget, knot genie and much more

Smell: Olfacoception; products include Piggy Paint, Piggy Paint scented nail polish and much more

Sight: Ophthalmoception: products include maze pens, elastic jumping tube, and liquid timers

Hear: Audioception: products include musical twirling pipe, corded max lite ear plugs and much more

Taste: Gustaoception: products include chewable pencil topper, Arks heart chew and much more

Fidget Spinners: Different spinners will give you different input sensations

Be sure to check out the 5 Senses of Fun website: www.5sensesoffun.com.

It is your one stop sensory shop. Everything is approved by their in house autism specialist Kaitlyn.