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Caroline’s Cart

Drew Ann Long, a frustrated mom invents a shopping cart that helps seniors and special needs kids called ‘Caroline’s Cart’.

Ms. Long was having a difficult time taking her daughter with special needs out with her on errands.

Along with watching her 2 year old son, she needed to help her daughter along in her wheelchair while maneuvering a shopping cart at the same time.

Individuals who are caring for the elderly as well as parents of children with disabilities constantly struggle to shop and keep them comfortable all at once.

Drew Ann Long ended up designing something on her own that would help her, as well as people across the country, comfortably shop with loved ones in need.

The result is ‘Caroline’s Cart’ named for Drew’s young daughter with special needs. This amazing but simple invention is sweeping grocery stores around the world, and changing lives.

While ‘Caroline’s Cart’ is an ideal option for senior citizens who like to go shopping but can no longer walk among the aisles. It was originally developed for children with special needs.

It is a shopping cart with a large seat built into the base so that children or adults who may otherwise need a wheelchair or scooter can sit comfortably.

This ingenious invention ‘Caroline’s Cart’ created by a mother Drew Ann Long founded Parent Solution Group LLC who then began designing the innovative cart model with the help of Technibilt.

Soon her dream of making a Caroline-friendly shopping cart a reality!

Today carts are distributed around the country and can be found in such stores as Target, Walmart and many more.

And while many stores around the country currently offer Caroline’s Cart, Drew us hoping that all stores will eventually provide them so families with special needs kids or seniors can shop anywhere with ease.

Frustrated Mom Invents Shopping Cart That Helps Seniors And Special Needs Kids