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Evoware: Edible Seaweed Cups

Indonesian company Evoware, makes cups customers can eat, instead of throwing away. They are made from seaweed and taste like jelly, in flavors from peppermint to green tea.

Evoware makes edible cups, as well as other containers, from farmed seaweed free of chemicals. They are relying on its biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging to reduce contamination of the environment.

Evoware co-founder David Christian said the idea of seaweed-based edible packaging was spurred by his desire to fight an explosion in plastic waste over the last few years in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital of 10 million people.

Indonesia produces 10 million tonnes of seaweed each year and targets 19 million tonnes by 2020.

From the first product Evoware developed, the seaweed-based jelly cup, it is expanding into other types of packaging, such as dissolvable sachets for coffee or seasonings.

Evoware products are made by hand and are very expensive compared to plastic on price.

The edible seaweed Ello Jello cup can be up to 5 times more expensive than ordinary crepe cones, and it uses wrapping of plastic and paper to preserve its texture.

Indonesia, which has some of the worlds filthiest rivers and once-pristine beaches littered with plastic waste, has joined a Limited Nations led cleanup drive after being rated the second biggest plastic marine polluter, behind China.

Evoware is a socially responsible enterprise that elevates and environmentally friendly lifestyle and provides innovative value to urban society.

Evoware products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and even edible and healthy for the body. Their impact is not just on the environment, but also on the livelihood of seaweed farmers.

Evoware’s mission is to create innovative solutions from seaweed to solve plastic waste issue, while increasing the livelihood of Indonesia’s seaweed farmers.