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FrutaPOP: POPTails

Made by FrutaPOP, small-batch cocktails are frozen ice pops with about five percent alcohol each.

There are thirteen flavors, including coconut rose sangria, watermelon margarita, rum and cherry coke, mimosa, and more. They also have plain sparkling prosecco pops.

Boozy popsicles are the original way to get buzzed in the warm weather. And now a new line of push-pops is serving up your favorite bubbly in frozen form.

FrutaPOP is small-batch, hand crafted ice pop company, specializing in natural fruit and juice ice pops, coffee ice pops, and alcohol infused ice pops.

FrutaPOP is the first of its kind to contain healthy, natural ingredients without any added sugars. The alcohol infused ice pops, also known as ‘poptails’ contain five percent alcohol.

FrutaPOP is reinventing the ice pop, a product that hasn’t been an innovation in the last 50 years.

Flavors of POPtails by FrutaPOP:

Sangria Pop: white coconut sangria, coconut rose sangria, traditional red sangria

Tequila Pop: traditional margarita, watermelon margarita

Rum Pop: classic mojito, rum and cherry coke

Vodka Pop: Moscow mule, Cosmo, cranberry martini

Bourbon Pop: Strawberry mint julep

Sparkling Pop: classic mimosa, pomegranate punch

FrutaPOP is the first to market a healthy alternative to the ice pop, packing them full of healthy ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or syrups. FrutaPOP offers seasonal flavors, making the POP a year-round treat.

FrutaPOP is available in the US and comes in mouth-watering flavors that will keep you cool this summer.

They are made in small batches, containing only five percent alcohol each, so you can probably have two and be just fine. Right now, they can be ordered online and arrive just in time for your next party. They cost anywhere from $48-$60 for a pack of twelve.

A great idea for weddings, holiday parties and back yard barbeques.