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Green Wave Developed Underwater 3D Farming

A fisherman built a hurricane-proof farm underwater.  The model pioneered by non-profit Green Wave, has drawn interest worldwide.

Green Wave has helped set up 10 farms in less than two years, and will soon test farms in California, hoping to have 25 farms of up to 20 acres (8 hectares) each in place by next year.

After two hurricanes in a row wiped out the crop of oysters Bren Smith a fisherman decided to take his ocean farm among Connecticut’s Thimble Islands “3D”, and says the model could help boost food security.

Firmly locked in place with hurricane-proof anchors, horizontal ropes sunk below the surface of the sea form the layered framework of Smiths 3D ocean farm.

The easily assembled underwater farms prove a magnet for fish and help regenerate reefs, and if a hurricane threatens, they can be quickly packed up or simply sunk lower.

With low capital costs and minimum skill requirement, ocean farming can use a “nail salon model of the sea” to grow fast.

Farmers who cannot afford land are now eyeing ocean plots, which cost around $20,000 plus a boat to set up in the US, and can net up to $150,000 a year.

Streamers of kelp grown downwards while scallops hang in nets and mussels in special socks, with oysters sitting in cages below. Clams grow under the mud on the sea floor.

Underwater farmers went 3D and started growing a whole mix of species, but only species that you don’t have to feed, that are zero input. So no fresh water, no fertiliser, no fee, which makes it the most affordable food to grow.

So far the 3D concept, pioneered by Smith’s non-profit Green Wave has drawn interest from would be farmers around the US, as well as in Brazil, Chile, Britain, Trinidad and South Africa.

This is actually trying to address serious issues of food security and economic opportunity kelp is so fast growing and has wide uses, from food to cosmetics, animal fodder and fertilisers.