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How Would You Feel about Drinking Your Steak?

That’s what at least one very-well-known chef is suggesting.

I came across this article a little while ago, and I was rather surprised about what I was reading!

We should be drinking our steak??

I can’t say that I’m sold on the idea; but, the following is the reasoning put forth as to why we should drink our steak.

According to the chef interviewed in the article, each bite of steak is only good for the first few seconds, when the juices flow out. Then you’re just chewing on “tasteless fibers and other things”, for about 30 seconds. Apparently, this is a big waste of time – causing meat eaters to waste entire days of their lifetime chewing meat.

The solution? Juice the steak (which the chef does by hand), and drink it warm with a little added salt. This way, you can get maximum flavour – while saving precious time.

Sorry, but that doesn’t sound very appetizing to me!

I have to disagree with the concept of drinking steak – and not just because I don’t find the idea of drinking a warm glass of steak juice all that appealing.

Here are a few more reasons that I don’t think we should be drinking our steak.

If you only drink the juice from your steak, you will be missing out on the nutrients found in the actual meat.

Steak tends to be a high-calorie, high-fat meat – all of that chewing helps burn up some of those calories.

The chewing also helps keep your choppers strong.

Drinking a glass of meat juice won’t keep you full. Those “tasteless fibers and other things” are what will help you feel full and satisfied long after the meal has ended.

What do you think? Are you ready to start drinking your steak?