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Kecing Canada

Two sister’s horseback riding across Canada.

This spring Jewel (18yrs) and Katie (23yrs) Keca will be riding their horses from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. Along the way they will be raising money for the Lion’s Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

They are horseback riding across Canada to raise money for The Lion’s Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. The Lions Dog Guide foundation are a non-profit organization that raises and trains labs and poodles to help someone in need. They provide six different Dog Guides, Canine Vision, Autism Assistance, Diabetic Alert, Seizure Response and Service Dog. Each dog costs about $20,000 to raise.

This is why the Keca sisters chose to support the Dog Guide’s?

Kazi a foster dog guide lab puppy was the inspiration and the Lion’s Foundation was the motivation.

At seven weeks old Kazi came home with Jewel so they could provide a foster family.

The foster family teach them the basic skills, as well as socialize them to many places and situations. It was such a wonderful journey raising the little pup up into a big dog.

The time Kazi spent with the foster family it taught Jewel more than she thought possible.

Kazi and other dog guides allow people to live their lives with the independence they couldn’t find anywhere else. They are given super heroes for free, but that wouldn’t be possible without donations.

The sister’s passion for animals, nature and animal health keep them close together.

Katie Keca wasn’t planning on riding across the country with her sister, but when Jewel bought her a horse for Christmas, she couldn’t refuse.

Jewel and Katie and their horses Lux and Ora have started their journey across Canada on April 22nd. The girls are thinking they might average 30km per day.

The Keca sisters are riding across the country on the Great Trail, starting in Mahone Bay, NS, all the way to Vancouver, BC. If they took the trail the entire way, it would take 411 days, so they have chosen to make shortcuts along the way.

Although the Great Trail was created to celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary. The girls said the timing is a coincidence.

The sister’s from Grimsby Ontario see this as a journey to strengthen their relationship as sisters, and their relationship with their horses, and a relationship to their country.

They will be raising money, as well as awareness for the Lion’s Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. It will also be about celebrating all of Canadas beauty in its 150th birthday, exploring their history and country at a slower pace, and make a documentary of their journey.