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Kill it with Kindness- Friendship Bench Project Canada

KIWK: Kill it with Kindness is a Federally Incorporated Not-for Profit Anti-Bullying Organization, have come together to help put bullying to an end.

Currently, the primary focus and goal of their organization is The Friendship Bench Project Canada.

The friendship bench, also known as a Buddy Bench is an interactive tool and represents a safe place for children and youth to congregate when they are in need of a friend.

The Friendship Bench is placed in schools and communities for children and youth who don’t necessarily have the voice to speak up about someone bullying them and safely express themselves.

Therefore, children/youth will sit on a bench will alert teachers, staff, volunteers or even another child/youth that they are in need of assistance. They may need someone to talk to or simply just a friend to play with.

In return, it will teach children/youth compassion, understanding, empathy and kindness.

Kill it with Kindness will continue donating The Friendship Bench in schools and community centres all across Canada and USA. Their goal is to do it worldwide and advocate on the awareness of bullying and acts of kindness.

Kill it with Kindness has grown with leaps and bounds since 2013 and will continue to grow and pave the way for a better future through the advocacy for a kinder world, Kindness does matter.

The Friendship Bench is made of 100% recycled plastic. The choice for this material is deliberate as it is environmentally friendly and it is made for all weather conditions if placed inside or outside on school grounds or playgrounds.

Even if you having a great day, a happy day, this is just as important as the Friendship Bench is placed to bring as much positivity to your school and community as possible.

The friendship bench or buddy bench is a powerful symbol of anti-bullying.

Stop the hurt. Choose Love.