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Kitchen Gadgets: A Good Investment or A Waste of Money?

Banana slicer, electric egg cooker, salad spinner… There seems to be a gadget for everything.

I recently came across an article (see link below) that listed several household gadgets that are a complete waste of money.

The following are some of the kitchen gadgets that may – or may not – be needlessly taking up space in your kitchen.

Banana Slicer. I completely agree that this is a complete waste of money. Bananas are so easy to slice, I don’t think this tool would make it any easier or convenient. Not to mention the fact that cleaning a banana slicer would probably be more work than simply slicing a banana with a knife.

Electric Can Opener. I don’t necessarily agree with this one. While a handheld opener can do just fine (and takes up less space), for anyone with hand or wrist pain, an electric can opener can be a valuable kitchen gadget.

Electric Egg Cooker. I have to agree – boiling an egg does not require a specialty appliance. Even though poached eggs can be a little trickier, I still agree that it’s not worth the money or counter space.

Garlic Press. I don’t use garlic (due to allergy), but I do agree with this one as well. Mainly because, like the banana slicer, cleaning the garlic press would be more work than simply chopping or mincing garlic with a knife. Besides, as the writer points out, most recipes call for chopped or minced garlic, not pressed – and even if a recipe does call for pressed, minced will do just fine.

Pizza Cutter. While I agree that a knife or kitchen shears would do just fine, I still think a pizza cutter makes pizza cutting easier. Not a big deal if you eat pizza only occasionally – but if pizza is a regular part of your weekly menu, a pizza cutter may be a reasonable investment.

Salad Spinner. Yes, it can be fairly expensive, and it does take up a fair amount of space, but I love my salad spinner. I like to eat salads, but I really dislike washing and drying lettuce. My salad spinner makes this job much less of a hassle – I think I eat salad more often since I bought it! Plus, the salad spinner is a great way to store washed lettuce in the fridge so that it’s ready to go the next day. So, if owning a salad spinner means you’ll eat more salads, I say it is a valuable kitchen gadget.

Bottom line: Many gadgets are completely unnecessary and a waste of money. But if a gadget truly does make your life a little easier, then it just may be a good investment for you!