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Ladybird Animal Sanctuary

Lady Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization in Hamilton, Ontario.

They rescue animals from high-kill shelters and place them into foster homes until a forever home is found.

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary was founded in December 2010 by Melissa McClelland, Lisa Winn and Janine Stoll. They are best friends who have spent over a decade sharing in each other’s passion for music. Through recording as the Ladybird Side Show Project, touring Canada, their collective passion for music has always been the glue to their friendship. As their music careers went in different directions over the years, their friendship was strong and their shared ‘other’ passion for animal welfare eventually helped them found Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

It all started with a cat named Oliver who had been abandoned at a local shelter. It was sweet Oliver who sparked the idea for Ladybird Animal Sanctuary.

With one foster home, one rescue cat, a website design they watched Ladybird grow from one simple idea to a registered Canadian charity with a system of 30 plus volunteer foster homes, and hundreds of domestic animals rescued form high-kill shelters. Each animal will eventually be adopted out to a loving forever home, or becoming a “permanent resident” when they are not suitable for adoption.

Long term goal for Ladybird is to open a physical sanctuary in the Southern Ontario region. This will be a safe haven for animals, where they can continue with their rescue/foster team and they can also house permanent resident animals; like seniors, hospice cases, FIV, FeLV, feral cats and farm animals.

With every success story, every rescue mission, every grateful furry little face, they are doing the job of animal defenders.

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary is a donor-funded, volunteer-run registered Canadian charity. They rescue, rehabilitate and find forever homes for animals in need.

Ladybird is a budding organization with a focus on saving animals from shelters, where they will otherwise be euthanized. They do not have a physical shelter, and they rely on the kindness of foster homes to house the rescued pets.