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National Seniors Day

October 1st is National Senior’s Day in Canada. It is a day to “pay tribute to the seniors who have helped build our country and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces and society”.

On this day, all Canadians are encouraged to appreciate and celebrate seniors for the many important roles they play in our lives, community and society.

Seniors have a great deal of knowledge, skills and life experiences that they can share. They contribute to society in many ways – as family members, friends, neighbours, caregivers, advisors and mentors, business owners, and community leaders. Many seniors also contribute to society by providing invaluable volunteer services to numerous organizations including Meals on Wheels, hospitals and children support organizations.

So don’t forget to take some time to celebrate National Senior’s Day. The following are just a few ways that you can show a senior that they are appreciated.

Learn from a senior. Have a senior share their skills, knowledge, or life experiences – or learn more about your own family history for a grandparent.

Help a senior. Help a senior with their daily chores, run their errands, or drive them to a doctor’s appointment.

Visit seniors at a senior centre or nursing home – or visit a senior who is housebound due to illness or reduced mobility.

Have fun with a senior. Play card games, put together a puzzle, or watch a movie or favorite television show with a senior.

Read to a senior. Read a book or newspaper to a senior who is no longer able to read themselves.

Share a meal or coffee with a senior. Spend time together by sharing a meal or coffee with an elderly family member, friend or neighbour.

Reconnect with a senior. Visit, call or video chat with an elderly relative who you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while.