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Ryan’s Recycling Company

In 2012 at the age of 3, Ryan Hickman went along with his dad to the local recycling center.

Ryan decided at this young age that he wanted to start a business “Ryan’s Recycling Company”.

Today Ryan has customers all over Orange County, CA and he has a passion to recycle that is amazing.

His goal is to recycle to keep cans and bottles from reaching the ocean where its harmful to the environment.

In 2016, Ryan’s recycling story went viral and he was featured on hundreds of web sites and radio stations around the planet.

Ryan has appeared on many TV shows and hundreds of affiliate news stations around the world.

People ask all the time what kind of items that Ryan recycles. Ryan collects plastic and glass beverage bottles as well as aluminum cans. Ryan and his parents take them in by the truckload every few weeks to the local redemption center where they are unloaded, sorted and weighed.

To date Ryan’s Recycling has recycled 251K cans and bottles; 56K pounds recycled and $4817 donated to Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Ryan has a passion for recycling and cleaning up the planet. Thanks to all of his supporters around the planet, there is a big difference in the amount of recyclable beverage containers that aren’t making it back to the landfill or into the gutters and ocean where they harm animals and the environment.

Ryan Hickman has been recognized for his efforts from the Daughters of the American Revolution, The mayor and City Council of San Juan Capistrano and from DE Planet.

Ryan is only 7 years old and runs his own Recycling Company to save the earth. You can never be too young to care about the Earth and make a difference.

Since launching his company, Ryan has recycled 49,000 pounds of waste, 200,000 cans and bottles and has donated over $1,600 to charity. His leftover profits, an impressive $10,000 have been deposited straight into his college savings account.

Imagine what would happen if everyone recycled? The world would look a lot different.