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Taiwan’s “Forest Bus”

See how two artists transformed a city bus into a mobile enchanted forest.

A few lucky bus riders in Taipei, Taiwan are swapping the concrete jungle for the real thing thanks to an innovative art installation on a city bus.

Taiwan’s “Forest Bus” offers riders the chance to sit among lilies, orchids, and ferns on moss-covered seats.

Florist Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang converted a 20 seater bus into a mobile solarium designed to resemble an imaginary forest.

The duo adorned the bus with real plants and flowers local to Taipei.

The bus route rolls past some of Taipei’s popular attractions and destinations, so tourists and locals alike will have a chance to experience the project. The installation is a way to celebrate green spaces and add some outdoor elements to the travel routines of local communities.

The forest bus is free and running for a limited time, but many riders hope to make it permanent.

The lush commute is a nice change of pace from Taipei’s packed city buses and is garnering lots of attention on social media.

With moss-covered seats and an explosion of lush plants and flowers throughout its interior. The ‘forest bus’ offers a fragrant leafy ride for passengers used to crammed public transport in Taiwan’s capital.

The ordinary single-deck bus has been converted into a travelling greenhouse decorated with orchids, ginger lilies and a variety of ferns is running on a special route through Taipei, with stops including an art museum, a popular temple and a night market.

Reactions have been enthusiastic, with passengers queuing to board and expressing hopes that it will become a permanent attraction in Taipei.

For now the toll free bus is running on a week-long trial ending on Sunday, and it takes about twenty passengers.