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Ten Common Jobs that might not exist in Twenty Years

  1. Cashiers – Self-Checkout machines: With the rise of self-checkout machines, it’s unlikely to be long until cashier jobs are made redundant entirely. On top of this, the opportunity for online grocery shopping keeps expanding, with big firms such as Amazon now offering the delivery of fresh groceries, as well as their many other services.
  1. Newspaper Delivery – Electronic Reading devices: With the popularity of tablets and e-readers on the rise, newspapers in their hard copy form are slowly being pushed out of the equation. With the population gradually moving towards the internet to gain their daily news fix, the need for newspaper delivery services will soon be obsolete.
  1. Travel Agents – Travel Websites: With so many flight comparison websites and holiday packages available at our fingertips online, consumers are becoming more and more independent when it comes to planning their trips abroad. The majority of these websites can already do practically everything a travel agent would do for you, and with the speed in which technology is progressing, it’s unlikely to be long before travel agents aren’t needed at all.
  1. Taxi Dispatchers – Mobile Apps: Mobile apps such as Uber have allowed us to cut out the need for a middleman when it comes to ordering taxis. Unfortunately for taxi dispatchers, they are the middleman. These apps are now available in locations all over the globe and their presence is slowly cutting out the need for regular taxi services.
  1. Taxi Drivers – Self driving cars: With the recent progress that’s been made with self-driving cars, it’s safe to assume that taxi drivers will eventually be made redundant in the future, being replaced by cheaper, labour free modes of transport.
  1. Journalists – Artificial Intelligence Software: Advanced developments in artificial intelligence software means that soon enough even writing won’t be a problem for AI, and in some cases it’s already been possible to use it for purposes such as creating quarterly reports.
  1. Social Media Expert – Everyday Individuals: The next generations of workers will be growing up with social media integrated into their everyday lives from the get go. A role solely dedicated to managing and maintaining social media is unlikely to be necessary, as these will simply be common skills rather than a specialized career.
  1. Telemarketers – Automated Robots: With recent advances in automated technology, robot services will soon take over phone calls and messages eliminating the need for human employment, without eliminating the irritating phone calls.
  1. Assembly line Workers – Automated Robots: Moving assembly lines have been an integral part of manufacturing industries since 1913. Technology has improved so that this form of work can now be done with greater accuracy and reliability by automated machines rather than humans.
  1. Referees – Video Technology: Its becoming more common for both players and spectators to question the decisions of referees, it instead trust technology to give them more accurate results. It won’t be long until referees are no longer required to monitor games.