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Toronto’s Mental Wellness Loft

Stand-up comedian Shelley Marshall opens her doors to those living with mental illness.

Shelley Marshall is one of many of us who are using their experience with mental health to inspire and help others.

Shelley has chosen to open her home twice a week to the public to create a safe space for anyone dealing with mental illness and to be able to express themselves and spend time with others where they feel safe and accepted.

The Mental Wellness Loft in Shelley’s home is a beautiful open space equipped with couches, tables and open floor space for things like yoga or dancing. You are welcomed by brightly colored loft and a table of baked goods that are right next to the front door.

There is a small stage at the back of the loft that hosts musicians and other performers.

Shelley’s inspiration behind opening a Mental Wellness Loft came from her own personal experience with mental illness, as well as a good friend of hers who lost his life due to suicide.

At the Mental Wellness Loft, anyone is welcome to drop by and hang out.

Shelley radiates a lot of appreciation for the people who attend her Mental Wellness Loft.

I was inspired and touched when I first met Shelley Marshall personally after her one woman stand-up comedy show, “Hold Mommy’s Cigarette” last March in Hamilton.

The show, “Hold Mommy’s Cigarette” was a hilarious, emotionally personal and touching portrayal of Shelley’s personal story dealing with mental illness.

“Hold Mommy’s Cigarette” is the autobiographical tale of one family’s struggle with mental illness, as told through the voices of three generations of women that of Marshall herself, her mother and her grandmother. Shelley presents a really rare opportunity to hear from a suicide survivor.

I personally suffer from clinical depression and anxiety and have some very dark times in my life, where I would have benefitted from The Mental Wellness Loft,

Shelley Marshall one woman show, “Hold Mommy’s Cigarette” has contributed in raising mental health awareness. She conveys her personal story to help people heal.

Shelley Marshal provides a welcome space in the Mental Wellness Loft where people can be together and connect.

Shelley Marshall is a mental wellness advocate, actress, producer, suicide survivor, and creator of Hold Mommy’s Cigarette and an inspiration to me and many others.

Hold Mommy’s Cigarette is a hilarious, heartbreaking and uplifting one woman play by acclaimed actor and comedienne, Shelley Marshall. Shelley takes audiences on an unbridled venture through her real life experiences growing up in a dysfunctional environment fraught with depression, trauma and suicide and her remarkable journey towards a life of purpose and happiness.

Her performances raise funds for Mental Health Awareness, which supports vital research at Homewood Research Institute and her Mental Wellness Loft.