Craving a Good Burger?

If you love burgers, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the place to be during the month of April. Each year, since 2011, restaurants across PEI have been taking part in Burger Love – a celebration of 100% island beef.

Burger Love is an island-wide contest for restaurants to showcase Island beef, as well as their creative talents. Throughout the month, islanders – and visitors – can vote on their favourite burgers to help determine the year’s ‘Best Loved Burger’.

The contest is a way of supporting local food and the Island beef industry – Island farmers and producers are very proud to produce safe, nutritious and delicious beef.

This year, there are 84 unique burgers to choose from – and some are out-of-this-world!

Ever have ice cream on your burger? That’s what’s on the ‘Life on Mars’ burger, created by Frosty Treat in Kensington.

It contains a beef patty, bacon, deep fried Mars bar and caramel sauce on two funnel cakes – all topped with a sprinkle vanilla ice cream cone!

How about peanut butter on your burger? The ‘Peanut Butter Buddy’ was created by the St. Eleanor’s Dairy Bar, St. Eleanor’s.

This burger contains a beef patty, peanut butter, lettuce, Monterey Jack cheese, candied bacon, tomato onion jam, onion rings and mayo on a rustic beer bun. And if that’s not enough, it’s topped with a mozzarella stick and dill pickle.

Yep… there are definitely some creative burger lovers out there!

But there are also some more “traditional-style” burgers to choose from, such as the ‘Artisan Burger’ created by 21 Breakwater Restaurant, Souris.

It contains a beef patty, blue cheese horseradish mayo, tomato and onion jam, bacon and smoked cheddar on a grilled artisan bun.

There is also ‘The Beefy Vixen’, created by Mill River Experience, O’Leary.

This burger contains a beef patty blended with ground bacon, home-made pesto and parmesan cheese, fried onions, Gouda, smoked paprika lime aioli, tomato, greens and a root vegetable relish on a toasted potato bun.

See the Burger Love website at to check out all of the amazing burger creations.

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