Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping pick up comes to Walmart Canada.

Walmart has joined the ranks of the online grocery stores offering online ordering and pick up.

Walmart grocery pick up is perfect for the growing number of parents that have learned time is the most valuable currency.

Today my son and I did our first online grocery shopping. With online ordering, I did not need to go out on this rainy day and it freed up two hours of my time. I was able to do this task interactively with my son who has anxiety grocery shopping at stores.

The amount of training that goes into the process of the people choosing the groceries is impressive.

Walmart Supercentres sell top quality, number one grade fruits and vegetables from Canada. In addition, all fresh groceries are backed up by a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee. Not only are you getting the freshest foods, but you will also be saving money, one of the many reasons parents are drawn to shopping at Walmart is the lower price.

The first time you shop through the online grocery ordering system, you’ll create an account and begin adding food items to your cart. Here, you’ll find options, like adding favorites to your account,, or ordering the same grocery list that you chose the last time. For those basic items, the things you order every week, the program is fantastic, because you can literally complete your grocery shopping with the click of a button.

Next, you choose your most convenient Pickup location and pick a time slot. You can order up to a month in advance, and the service fee is only $3 and you can ad match.

Who will benefit from this service?

  • Busy people of all ages
  • People who hate standing in line
  • People whose children hate grocery shopping
  • Old folks and younger people who are for them can pick up the order on your way to visit
  • Anyone who needs assistance to run errands
  • Travellers, so when you arrive back home on a Sunday night, you have some food to make those Monday school lunches
  • People with anxiety disorders

I think I will also save money because I will not be tempted to impulse shopping.

I am looking forward to when grocery delivery to our home will be introduced in our area.

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