Hospital Food around the World

Hospitals are not generally known for doling out the most appetizing meals, although it seems that this varies significantly across the globe.

Germany: Patients are given schnitzel, a dumpling noodle dish called spätzle, salad and cake

Australia: Patients are given lamb tagine with sandwiches, broccoli, corn, fruit and bread offerings

France: Patients are given smoked salmon salad, chicken and courgette, baguette and a slice of pie

Japan: Patients are given pickles, miso soup, rice and chicken

Estonia: Patients are given mashed potatoes, meat and cabbage stew, vegetables, milk and a pastry

Indonesia: Patients are given noodles, chicken, eggs, broth and rice porridge, to be mixed together to make a soup

Norway: Patients are given untoasted bread, salad and what appears to be a plain burger

Poland: Patients are given only a measly piece of bread with butter, pickle and a sausage

Taiwan: Patients are given a bento box filled with fresh vegetables, meat, fish, noodles and tempura

Dubai: Patients are given spaghetti, side salad, bread, vegetables and cake

Canada: Patients are given sweet and sour pork, bok choy, white rice and honeydew melon

Britain: Patients are given minestrone soup, beef and onion pie, steamed vegetables and a banana

Malaysia: Patients are given fried chicken and noodles

China: Patients are given rice and a selection of curries

United States of America: Patients are given salmon patties with saffron cream sauce, rice, pumpkin, asparagus and a banana cake

South Africa: Patients are given poached eggs, sausage, tomato, hash brown, toast and tea

Australia: Patients are given pumpkin soup, apricot chicken, peas and mashed potatoes

It is time to apply high standards to hospital food around the world, so that more meals are freshly cooked with care, tasty to eat and made using nutritious ingredients from farmers who don not pollute water, air and land and are respectful of animals.

Hospital food around the world ranges depending on where you live and stay. Hospital food in different countries ranging from the very good to the just plain wrong. utm_content=inf_423_3514_2&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=pd_inf&utm_campaign=SE&tse_id=IN

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