Carpenter Hospice

Carpenter Hospice is a home in the heart of Burlington that offers both residential based care to people in the last stages of their lives, and community-based programs for people dealing with grief or a life-limiting illness.

Carpenter Hospice allows residents to spend their final days together with loved ones in an environment that is peaceful, comfortable and meaningful. It is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers who provide compassionate palliative care to meet residents every need and ensure that each moment matters.

Carpenter Hospice has been an integral part of Burlington since 2002 thanks to the generosity of the community and it’s committed to providing support services for those going through life’s transitions.

Carpenter Hospice offer compassionate, non-judgemental support to individuals and families experiencing loss. Their goal is to provide a safe, caring and compassionate environment to allow individuals to express their feelings and move towards healing.

Program offerings include:

  • One on one support for residents and their family members
  • One on one grief support
  • One on one support for individuals living with a life-limiting diagnosis, and/or their caregiver
  • 8 week spousal loss support groups
  • Monthly drop in bereavement support groups
  • Celebration of Life services in May and December
  • Ongoing support through information mailings and access to the library
  • Educational workshops

Palliative care is a 24/7 job, whether in the home or in a hospice.

The residential care area has 10 beds, all in private rooms and has nursing and personal support staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Music therapy is available for residents and their loved ones during the week.

They view each person as having unique hopes, fear, anger, expectation and desires. Their caregivers collaborate in interprofessional teams to provide compassionate supportive, palliative, end of life care, which is client-centered, holistic and culturally sensitive.

At Carpenter Hospice, they offer all of their services and programs at no cost to their residents, program participants and their families.

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