Internets 14 most Popular Culinary Life Hacks

  1. Life Hack: To cut all of your cherry tomatoes in half at once, put them between two flat plates and slice through the gap with a sharp knife. Result: Cutting tomatoes this way is very cumbersome. This life hack might work if you use a very sharp knife, but even then you’ll hardly succeed in slicing the fruit in half. Conclusion: This doesn’t work
  2. Life Hack: To make sure your milk doesn’t over boil, put a wooden spoon on top of the pot. Result: The milk still over boils and the wooden spoon did nothing to prevent it. Conclusion: This life hack is complete nonsense and does not work.
  3. Life Hack: A quick and easy way of making delicious cupcakes is to put the ingredients in a mug and place it in microwave. Result: The cupcake turns out somewhat rubbery. Conclusion: It works, but the results may not be to everyone’s liking.
  4. Life Hack: To make peeling your eggs easier, place them in cold water after boiling. Result: Placing eggs in cold water really makes them easy to peel. Conclusion: Works like a charm.
  5. Life Hack: Frozen grapes can be used to chill wine. Result: Frozen grapes do not dilute the drink. They cool your wine just as effectively and look beautiful as well. Conclusion: This definitely works.
  6. Life Hack: To avoid “onion tears”, sprinkle your cutting board with salt. Result: This life hack does save some tears, but by no means all of them. Result: It works, but poorly.
  7. Life Hack: Wrapping an ice cream package in a plastic bag before putting it in the freezer make the ice cream softer and easier to scoop. Result: This life hack helps ice cream retain its softness. Conclusion: This really works.
  8. Life Hack: If you slice an avocado in half but only intend to use one of the halves right away, make sure you select the half without the pit. The half that contains the pit has a much better chance of remaining fresh in the fridge. Result: After 2 days, both halves looked far from fresh. Conclusion: This doesn’t work.
  9. Life Hack: To quickly peel garlic, put in a jar and shake well. Result: A useful life hack if you want to peel several heads of garlic at once. Conclusion: It works.
  10. Life Hack: Freezing olive oil in ice cube trays make it last much longer. Result: The success of this tip totally depends on the quality of oil you use. Conclusion: Works only if you use quality oil.
  11. Life Hack: Lemon juice can help freshly cut apple slices from browning. Result: Sprinkling sliced apples with a small amount of fresh lemon juice produces a great effect. Conclusion: This works.
  12. Life Hack: Wrapping plastic film around banana stems will help the fruit remain fresh longer. Result: After 3 days, bananas became inedible. Conclusion: This doesn’t work.
  13. Life Hack: You can cook an egg “inside out” using a pair of stockings and some sticky tape. Result: This life hack is a difficult and exhausting task and once cooked the egg proves extremely difficult to peel. Conclusion: This does not work.
  14. Life Hack: Help your greens remain fresh by tying them in a bundle, put them in water and cover them with a plastic bag. Result: This method really helps to preserve the greens freshness 100%. Conclusion: This works.

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