Pet Companion – Robotic Cat

Robotic cat brings joy to seniors with dementia.

When a senior has dementia, they may frequently become anxious or agitated. An effective, drug free way to calm and soothe is to give them a soft toy they can cuddle and interact with.

Hasbro has created a wonderful robotic stuffed toy cat called the “Joy for all Companion Pets”. It is lifelike and engaging as well as being cute and cuddly soft. It is battery powered, so it can purr, meow, move and respond in realistic ways when petted or hugged.

There are three different cats to choose from, an orange tabby, a silver cat with white mitts, and a creamy white cat. It’s a bit expensive at $100, but dozens of customers have said that it’s well worth the price to see their older adult so calm, happy and engaged.

Some older adults think it’s a real cat and feel a sense of purpose when they pet and ‘care’ for it. Others may simply enjoy it as a fun, cuddly interactive toy. No matter what, it’s clear that this toy companion cat adds comfort and fun to senior’s lives.

Benefits of robotic cat toy for seniors with dementia:

  • Increased happiness and calm
  • Reduced agitation and anxiety
  • Increased engagement through the playing and talking with the stuffed animal
  • Having a sense of purpose from caring for their pet
  • Reliving happy memories of a previous pet
  • Giving visitors (especially children) something to focus on and interact with for more successful visits

Animal therapy is an excellent way to boost mood and calm agitation in people with dementia. This animated toy cat is a great way to get the benefits of animal therapy without any of the hassles of a live pet.

Some people might feel that it’s demeaning to give an older adult a stuffed toy. But if something is a safe source of enjoyment, it doesn’t matter what the general social opinion is.

Animal companions offers many benefits for people of all ages. They can ease loneliness, sadness, stress, anxiety and even physical pain.

The marketing slogan for the Companion Pets is “no litter box. Just love”.

For seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s, the robotic cats are providing one very important thing, and outlet for the love they very much need to give and receive.

Robotic Cat Brings Joy to Seniors with Dementia

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