The “Senior Walk”

A Texas high school started a “Senior Walk” and it is the sweetest idea.

Let’s make The Senior Walk a tradition everywhere.

Graduation season is upon us. Pretty soon, millions of high school seniors will don a cap and gown, collect their diploma and head off to their futures. It is an exciting time for these teen and their parents, but it is also a time for reflecting on how far they’ve come.

A Texas high school started a very sweet tradition that provides that reflection for the departing seniors, while also inspiring the little ones who still have a ways to go in their school careers. It is called the “Senior Walk”.

The Senior Walk allows graduation seniors to walk the halls of the Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School campuses with the students at all of the schools lining the hallways to cheer them on.

Can you imagine how heartwarming it would be seeing those little faces looking up at the Big Kids?

The younger students cheer them on, give them high fives, and share in the excitement of their graduation.

High school seniors said they never knew how much influence they had on the younger kids, but seeing their faces light up as they walked through the halls and high fived them. Walking through the halls of the schools and waving to all the little ones bring a lot of joy.

The seniors realize where they started and where they are headed. They also realize that they aren’t really kids anymore.

There is something undeniably special about being in the same school district from kindergarten through graduation. Being able to revisit where you began when things are about to end can only be described as bitter sweet.

This fantastic idea, The Senior Walk should be implemented in schools all over the country. It costs little to nothing and is probably one of the most memorable things to happen this school year for the younger children and seniors.

A beautiful way to end the school year for everyone involved.

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