Work of Love

Work of Love is a charity in Italy that has made it a mission since 2012 to help everyone enjoy the cool waves of the seas.

The beach. It is everyone’s favorite summer activity, but for some, it can be a little bit harder to enjoy.

For years now, Work of Love has rented a small patch of Little Madonna beach (just south of Rome) and outfitted it with special boardwalks, all-terrain wheelchairs, ramps, and other pieces of equipment, along with highly trained volunteers that help people get in and out of the water.

Hundreds of people with disabilities come to Work of Love’s beach every year.

Volunteers from the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation help people water.

Recently, Pope Francis made a donation by paying for a year’s rent for Work of Love private beach.

Pope Francis gave the charity an undisclosed sum to support the project that helps disabled youth and in particular to cover the cost of the annual rent for the beach known as the Little Madonna.

Work of Love created the space, about seventeen miles south of Rome to be a beach without architectural or mental barriers, where everyone can enjoy the sea together.

At the beach, it is equipped with walkways which lead to autonomously each of the services offered in it. A snack bar, changing rooms, toilets, showers and shaded areas that are equipped with foot rests that allow independent access to the umbrellas and sunbeds to provide the possibility of coming to the shore and the sea.

The beach, born from spontaneous and generous initiative of a large number of people free run, ensures the presence of volunteers and staff who provide hospitality and supports to all guests every day of the week from 9am to 7pm during the summer swimming season.

There is no profit, because all the proceeds are reinvested in the project.

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