Market 707

Market 707, the open pedestrian mall populated by up-cycled shipping containers, is one of Toronto’s top spots for street eats. Lining the perimeter of Scadding Court Community Centre, its market is home to a diverse lineup of start-ups, offering everything from French macarons to down to dirty BBQ, hair stylists, bike mechanics, and more.

Food Shops:

  1. Petit Nuage: This shipping container houses a sweet selections of cakes, macarons, crème puffs and expresso.
  2. Cookie Martinez: The menu includes savoury Latin street foods like empanadas and stuffed arepas, alongside sweet summer treats like ice cream sammies.
  3. Gushi: Kara age is the star on the menu of this Japanese street food container. Order healthy combos with three pieces of Gushi’s signature deep fried chicken over purple rice with Japanese pickles.
  4. Nom Nom Nom Crepes: This French-style street vendor has poutine that steals the show, as the best poutine in Toronto.
  5. Bunz: This sandwich shop deals in massive creations that require two hands to consume. Highlights on the menu include the Pulled Pork Bun.
  6. Kanto by Tita Flips: This is the retail outlet for a full service catering option that makes traditional Filipino foods.
  7. Cupbob and Sushi: This shipping container specializes in Korean and Japanese cuisine.
  8. Oh my Lard: The scent of BBQ from this stall includes essentials like slow smoked chicken, pulled pork on a bun, burgers and corn on the cob.
  9. The Original One: This food stand sells signature drinks made with freshly blended fruits and above average bubble teas.
  10. Souppe Shoppe: Handcrafted soups are the speciality at this walk up window. This soup bar will operate on a pay-what-you can-and pay-it-forward model to help ensure all people have an opportunity to grab a fresh, warm meal. Through pay it forward a subsidized meal is purchased and a meal token is placed into a bowl. A person in need then retrieves a token from the bowl and uses it as payment, a transaction that means no one has to ask or beg for a free meal.

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