Cover Blubber by Fusion Brands

Cover Blubber is the food saver for use in the refrigerator or freezer.

Move over plastic wrap, the Cover Blubber is here! It’s the super stretchy food cover for use inside the refrigerator or freezer. Cover Blubber is made of food safe Sticky Rubber, a safer alternative to plastic wrap, that you can place directly on food or containers of various shapes and sizes.

The Cover Blubber is the perfect food storage solution, it stretches and clings and form fits to fresh cut food and just about any container.

Cover Blubber should not be left on countertop, only for use in refrigerator and freezer. It is not microwave safe and should be hand washed only and let air dry and not dishwasher safe.

Cover Blubber is available in 4 color coded sizes. Small/fuchsia set of 2, fits up to 3 inches/8cm. Medium/green fits up to 5 inches/12.7cm. Large/blue fits up 7 inches/17.8cm. X Large/purple fits up to 10 inches/25.4cm.


  • Cover Blubber works best when hands and items to covered are dry
  • Use both hands to stretch Cover Blubber and place on item
  • Works best on items that are uniformly shaped (circles, squares) and do not have exaggerated sides (rectangular baking dishes)

Cover Blubber are an innovative, super-stretchy food savers that offers a reusable, safe alternative to plastic wrap.

Constructed from a sticky rubber that offers five times the flexibility of silicone.

Cover Blubbers stretch over plates, serving dishes and glassware as well as directly over many foods.

Completely food safe, Cover Blubbers seal out air, and will not transfer tastes and are BPA and phthalate-free and FDA/EU food safe Sticky Rubber.

Bottom line: Plastic wrap may or may not be safe, the jury is still out. However, using Cover Blubber is often times easier ( as it is far stickier than these newer plastic wrap) and it doesn’t fill our landfills with tons of hard-to-degrade plastics.


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